Release Date: 3 February 2012
Director: James Watkins
Writer(s): Jane Goldman (screenplay), Susan Hill (novel)
Budget: $ 15 Million
Gross Revenue: $ 121,706,104 (as of 12 April 2012)

 The Woman in Black (2012) is a film set in what appears to be early 1900s England, about a lawyer that travels to a small village to do paperwork on a home with a haunted spirit. Daniel Radcliffe plays the protagonist in the film, which is the primary reason why I wanted to watch it. Another reason being I find some sort of thrill in horror films, regardless of how terrible they tend to turn out. In this instance, however, I was just simply disappointed.

My opinion of the film is extraordinarily grim at the moment, so I have to sleep on it. Maybe I’ll be less relentless in the morning.